CHALLENGES: The challenge of the design task was to integrate the new building into the environment of the Taaborinvuori museum area. The landscape of the area consists of a pine-dominated forest and a summer theater stage with its seating. Additionally, there are several historical wooden buildings relocated from different parts of Nurmijärvi, which are currently used as museums. The café is only used during the summer season, but the occasional number of users can be up to hundreds of people, which posed a design challenge in terms of the building’s durability.

SOLUTIONS: To harmonize with the landscape, the dimensions and roof shape of the new buildings were chosen to mimic the existing structures. The exterior cladding is made of Siberian larch, which blends well with the forested surroundings and weathers over time, resembling the museum area’s log barns. The café and sound booth are tranquil background buildings to the stage area, where the audience’s main focus is directed. However, the café entrance is easily noticeable, providing visitors with a framed view of the Taaborinvuori pine forest. The interior of the building is inviting and colorful when the café is open and the large sliding doors are open. The building opens up to the southwest, and the café-related terraces are on the side that receives the evening sun. The building materials were chosen to age gracefully over time and are easy to maintain.



44 m2