CHALLENGES: Private land ownership within the planning area, protected natural environments, and the species living in them. Fragmented existing built environment (Esko’s developmentally disabled care facility, school, and housing) in different parts of the area, and the utilization and development of the existing transportation network. Organization of surface parking, cost-effective construction, and the functional development of the neighborhood center.

SOLUTIONS: Traffic has been addressed with an external feed road network for the sub-areas, and the protected natural environments have been incorporated into the green network that rhythmically structures the area. The block and building typology has been structured hierarchically, forming smaller “villages” within the whole. Courtyard areas have been protected through building massing, and parking has been separated from recreational areas. The space-consuming commercial area is utilized for local services. The area will become a neighborhood center for public and commercial services, as well as various residential environments that support socio-economic diversity.



300 000 m2